Recently in the local pub, Frank Duff’s, I was delighted to find that they now have Sweetwater on draught and in bottles - score! Sweetwater are a fantastic American brewery based in Atlanta who landed in Ireland last September and when it comes to beer, they say they “don’t float the mainstream”. I also picked up a few bottles in Tesco of all places, the extra pale ale and the ipa about €3 per bottle.

The 420 extra pale ale is fairly light in both colour and body with a golden appearance and a grainy and grassy flavour. Citrus and hay nose (that’s “hay” as in - bales in a field - not “hey”). Refreshing and dry, I expect it would go great alongside fish and chips or a slice of lemon cheesecake if you were hoping to pair it with food.


The ipa. I love the tagline on this beer, “the beer you’ve been training for” hilarious! They have quirky lines like that on most of their range, such as the brown ale; “as smooth as a Bill Clinton apology”. That had me in stitches the first time I saw it! I’ve digressed, the ipa is delicious, it is vivacious, hoppy, evergreen flavours that are wrapped in candy. Melon and other fruit flavours as well as a slight caramel sweetness behind all of the spritely carbonation. It is a fun beer that isn’t so off balance that you couldn’t enjoy a few because there’s enough maltiness up against the hops.

Another one worth trying is the blueberry ale which I posted on my instagram today. I like these beers and they are a welcome sight in the local bars and offies, what do you think about them? Thanks for reading, be sure to comment below or hit me up on twitter @jamiesbeertalk

And here's my Cáilín go háilín taking a sip and also rather enjoying the brew

This is just a scenic photo I took while moseying about the Dublin and Wicklow mountains before drinking the beer

I swear I'm not trying to be artsy but this is just one more nice shot from the day up in the mountains