Recently, I had the pleasure of Meeting brewer Shane Kelly and business partner Pete of Dotbrew at the Craft fair in Teeling Distillery. Dotbrew are one of the latest and greatest additions to the Irish brewing scene, they’re creating beers of exceptional quality. They have brewed an imperial barrel aged stout, a limited edition sour cherry and apricot ale, a session rye ale and have now released an amber ale. All are top class beers but the one I want to talk about right now is the red ale aged in single malt whiskey barrels that was showcased at the fair.


This special brew is in a bottle donning white wax and the usual cool Dotbrew branding on a tag, it is also the first of three in what is called The Red Trilogy. A beer that is by no means mild like the red ale style usually is, flavours imparted from barrels during maturation are rich and complex, having previously contained bourbon, then Teeling single malt, then their own imperial stout. The nose is sweet and fruity with melon, fuchsia nectar, peaches, vanilla, a mellow caramel edge. First impressions on the palate are a cross of juicy fruits, currents and toasty woody notes, that all smoothly morphs into caramel, vanilla and frothy texture still maintained. There is great balance with flavour from the spirit, the malts and a finish that is so lasting compared to a typical red ale, beers like this are the reason why I love barrel aging!

If you want to get your hands on some Dotbrew beer, they are available in Molloys, Redmonds, McHughs and a few other places, keep an eye out for the new Amber ale, it's a beast!

left to right: Peter & Shane of Dotbrew and yours truly (photo by my wife, Anna Power)

Dotbrew's new Amber ale (backdrop: a sexy garden near Killiney beach)