Budget Beers

Perhaps the caption [Budget beer] sounds very recessionesque but that’s not the intention here. Most people are a little more careful with their spending than usual in November coming up to Christmas, so lets talk about good beer that you don’t have to break the bank for

To start, Lidl and Aldi have more decent beers now. I found a 4 pack of Belgian beer for only €6.49 in Lidl! It’s called Corsendonk dubbel, it is 7.5%abv, dark, rich, warming, good carbonation and well rounded flavour. A nutty, bitter note in there at the end - at approx €4.86 per litre you can’t go to far wrong.



Aldi exclusively sell O’Shea’s Irish stout at €1.89 for a 500ml bottle, it’s made by Carlow brewing company, I’ve always liked this one. Also there’s Spaten for around the same price, a well known, delicious German helles. A recent and tasty addition is the Belgian wheat beer which is particularly appealing because this style doesn’t often come in 500ml bottles let alone to be purchased near the €2 mark.



Last suggestion is the porterhouse beers, which are always €2.15 per long-neck in Molloy’s (or €2.10 in O'Brien's but they don’t have the full range). So that includes the famous Plain porter, Oyster stout, Red ale, Brainblasta (a few cents extra because of alcohol content) and more.

Who says that it’s not craft if it’s not costly? Now I don’t mind blowing 85 quid on a single bottle of tactical nuclear penguin but at the end of the day good beer is defined by whether or not you like it.