My beer scéal

I have been on a craft beer journey since 2008 when I was working in Molloy’s liquor store and pub and began to try different styles from Belgium, Germany, English real ales, American and the odd European bottle. At that time we stocked a lot of "world beers" but I don't think craft beer had it’s day yet in Ireland. That is with the exception of a few establishments for quality beer like the Porterhouse who’ve been around since the 90’s and Sweetman’s in the city centre. It just made work fun, advocating good beer to customers with excitement from the cashier desk and behind the bar - like a voice in the wilderness preparing the way for the revolution that we have since seen.

I had my first attempt at writing about beer in 2011, that article wasn't published until April 2012 in the Shelf Life Retail Magazine, it's been an obsession to this day. I love pairing beer with food, whiskey and even cigars. In 2011 home-brewing became the next pursuit, with my Dad who is also a craft beer fiend and two of my friends - a micro brewery is the ultimate dream. Having spent the last eight years learning about beer (and still learning); I bring you Jamie’s Beer Talk - just my part of the conversation about beer.